City Clerk Responsibilities


A City Clerk is a public official whose principal duties include keeping records or accounts for the municipality and other duties prescribed by the law. The position is central to government transparency because the clerk is responsible for keeping and making official records and legislation accessible to city residents. The City Clerk is the Chief Elections Officer.

The City Clerk's office is responsible for many duties, whether imposed by statute or those customized to satisfy local needs. They include:
  • Keeping the City Seal and all municipal records
  • Preparing, organizing and distributing proceedings of all City Council meetings
  • Publication of legal notices and ordinances
  • City Archivist; and certain financial duties
  • The Clerk is also  the City’s Freedom of Information Officer/OMA (Open Meetings Act) Officer
The City Clerk is one of three city-wide elected positions, along with Mayor and Treasurer. 


We provide the following services:
  • Collects, dockets and securely stores the city's records
  • Provides public access to legislation, laws, records and reports
  • Administers oaths
  • Administers and maintains business licenses
  • Administers and maintains RRO's
  • Processes passport applications
  • Processes over 8000 water payments monthly
  • Voter registration
  • Administers and maintains pet licenses
  • Collects monies owed to the City

Youth Focused Contest

Our annual youth focused contest:
  • Annual MLK Essay Contest (November-January)
  • Annual City Sticker Design Contest (January-March)
  • Annual ISAT Test Prep Kits (March-April) (School District 170)
  • Annual High School ACT "Score 2 Ride" (April-May) (Bloom High School)

Education Summits & Community Outreach

  • South / SW Clerk's Association "Spring Into Action Educational Summit"
  • Mentoring/Tutoring Outreach Initiatives (UCAN and Rotary District 6450)

City Council Meetings

  • Agendas and Minutes