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2021 Roadway Improvement Program

Map - 2021 Roadway Improvements - Railroad Quiet Zone - Union Pacific Railroad Crossings
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2021 Roadway Improvements -16th Street Residents Letter - 10-15-21_Page_1
Map - 2021 Roadway Improvements - Ward 3 - 16th Street - from East End Avenue to State Street
Map - 2021 Street Sewer Culvert Repairs - Ward 4 - 10th Street - from Ashland Ave. to Dixie Hwy. - u
Map - 2021 Roadway Improvements - Ward 4 - D'Amico Drive - from 8th Street to West 207th Street
Map - 2021 Roadway Improvements - Euclid Ave - from W. 26th St. to CN RR - updated by Kaz - 08-09-21
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Chicago Heights Citywide Stormwater Study: Westside Neighborhood Drainage Improvements

The City’s engineers are in the field completing the final specifications for the Westside Neighborhood Drainage Improvement project. The engineering team will be in all of the project areas conducting land surveys, gathering data and providing the final design for the project including:

  • Topographic and wetland surveys
  • Televising sanitary and storm sewers within the project area
  • Plans for sanitary sewer lining
  • Determining  where new storm sewers and curb and gutter are needed
  • Study 5 potential sites for detention ponds that would reduce the effects of heavy rains on storm sewer systems.

The final specifications and design will include repairs and upgrades that will improve the performance of the storm sewer system and other improvements to alleviate flooding in the project area.

Please revisit this page for updates on the Westside Neighborhood Drainage Project.

Chicago Heights Citywide Stormwater Study Westside Neighborhood Drainabe improvements