Why is the seminar six hours long, and what will I learn?
The Crime Free Multi-Housing program was developed in 1992 by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. Over 1700 communities in 44 states and 4 Canadian provinces have been trained in Crime Free Housing. The information contained in the seminar is a compilation of experience and proven methods from professional rental property managers, lawyers, and police officers. Seminar topics include:

- Explanation of the City of Chicago Heights residential rental ordinance
- Overview of community policing and city resources available to assist you
- Explanation of the Crime Free Lease Addendum with a sample provided
- Crime Prevention and Risk Management
- CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) overview
- Applicant Screening
- Active Property Management and working with the police department
- An Attorney discussing leases and evictions issues
- A workbook and additional valuable handouts and resource information

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1. I only have one unit. Why does the ordinance apply to me?
2. Why is the seminar six hours long, and what will I learn?
3. It is difficult for me to attend one whole session for 6 hours. Are there other options?
4. I live out of state. Do I have to attend?
5. I own more than one unit in the city. How many seminars do I need to attend?
6. Does the ordinance require a criminal background check for rental applicants?
7. Does the ordinance require me to evict a tenant for one criminal incident?
8. Doesn't the ordinance promote discrimination or profiling?
9. Can I be held responsible for the actions of my tenant?
10. Will my rental license be suspended or revoked any time a crime happens?